There are hundreds of titles that instruct people on how to appear to be an ideal leader or how to speak to the competencies of leadership; there are stories and biographies on great leaders, but this book focuses on how to directly influence the very identity of an individual, teaching them how to lead their own life and bring out their natural ability to lead others by directly addressing the drama in their life or in their organization.

Talented leaders are at a premium in today’s marketplace: finding them, recruiting them, and bringing them on board is a serious challenge for all organizations. “Save your Drama for your Mama” is the first book of its kind to demonstrate exactly how one can choose to be a leader. It not only addresses how to develop leadership capabilities in an individual but also demonstrates how to elicit and recognize leadership potential in others.

“Save your Drama for your Mama” guides readers through a pioneering process – one that will dramatically improve an individual’s chance of living the life he or she really wants to live. This book is written in a style that is actually transformational for the reader. It is designed to confront thinking, and it is written to shift behaviors. It’s designed to have a dramatic impact on the reader through the exposure of the ideas contained in the chapters. In fact, we postulate that anybody who has been exposed to these ideas will no longer be the same. I expect this concept to produce a viral response. I expect this book to be given to many, many people by others because it will highlight thinking, and create an awareness that leads to real transformation.

This book exposes the reader to ideas that will transform the reader. It will be harder to abdicate responsibility for architecting ones’ life once exposed to this book.