Charlie Sheppard is an internationally recognized leader in executive and team development. His courses and trainings have been delivered all around the world. He is a highly engaging speaker and is in constant demand for his “Leadership is a Choice®” keynote. In this talk he discusses what makes a great leader. He asks his audience to think about the leaders that have had a positive impact on them, the qualities those leaders possessed, and what those leaders said or did that touched them. Leading, according to Charlie Sheppard, means that you have a clear vision that inspires you, and you can express in your own way or style those leadership qualities that drive your vision. Once that spark has been ignited inside of you, you can build the foundation to influence others as an individual contributor, or as a manager.

The Leadership is a Choice® keynote helps everyone elicit their own personal identity as a leader. The idea of accepting responsibility for your own actions, while not new, sometimes seems almost novel. Everyone has recognized the value of creating highly accountable employees and leaders at every level of the organization. As such, this keynote has been developed to create a high degree of personal accountability and a more highly accountable and responsible employee group.