Date:February 06, 2013

Team Integration

The main difference between the normal orientation of a new team leader or member – under previous styles of management – and our process can be summed up in one word: planning. Teams must spend time in the early stages of their development planning how they are going to perform as a successful group. Our process is unique and tested and everyone is involved.  It produces successful results every time it is deployed.

Our consultants will facilitate openness within the group that encourages constructive interaction among co-workers. This process will jump-start the development of a synergistic, dynamic team culture. Our orientation introduces leadership and communication skills. It concentrates on producing extraordinary relationships that lead directly to accelerated team performance. These rare yet crucial relationships form the basis of extraordinary teams. Because flexible, productive, innovative teams are the key to a company’s survival and prosperity, our consultants offer the new team member or project leaders a “tried and true” method of handling the most important strategic decision of their new career: How to build relationships with co-workers during the first few months in a new position.


•  To open clear lines of communication between team members and departments
•  To collectively create a vision for the culture of the organization
•  To build trust and partnership between team members, focused on accomplishing team goals
•  To create a shared understanding of what the team leaders and members expect of each other
in terms of operating practices and group norms
•  To create clear roles and responsibilities

Time Frames

Team Integration is delivered in 1.0 day