Date:February 06, 2013

Negotiating with Style™

Negotiating with Style™ is a rigorous, fast-moving, and challenging experience. Topics covered include role-play negotiations using case studies and custom situations geared to your particular business circumstances. This program creates trust, partnership and shared understanding between team members, so that the team can effectively negotiate and partner in various situations and contexts. Great negotiators produce great results. They know how to prepare and how to manage the negotiation process for all parties. Our model creates wise agreements and creates lasting partnerships. In our approach, you learn the fundamental principles of successful negotiations and successful decision making. During the seminar you will be placed in the most difficult negotiation situations to discover, by using our process, how you can create breakthrough results. Our approach makes negotiating an enjoyable process. Additionally, you will learn effective applications for influence, leadership and communication.


• Know when—and when not—to use various styles to negotiate
• Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
• Know what behavior to adapt at each stage of the negotiation
• Adjust your communication style to achieve desired results
• Recognize and counter the most common negotiating ploys
• Acquire a blueprint which you can apply to each negotiation you attend
• Develop powerful communication strategies
• Learn how to ask the questions to discover real needs and interests
• Develop and refine the key skills crucial for expert negotiations
• Understand how to build on your own strengths and overcome your weaknesses
in a negotiating situation

Time Frames

Negotiating with Style™ is delivered in 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 consecutive days.