Date:February 06, 2013

Leadership is a Choice®

By choosing to work with us, you’re embarking on an exciting journey. Leadership is a Choice® is a process not a program . . . a process that helps leaders transform their organizations, using their mindful choices as a guide. The process emphasizes bringing out your own internal identity as a leader more than putting in information. In our experiential approach, leadership capabilities consist of both new behaviors and eliciting your own personal identity as a leader.

Sheppard Partners provides customized training solutions to help you create high performance teams and high performance cultures. Customized program design, superior results and lasting partnerships are key components of our philosophy and approach to training and development. We use a variety of methods to get learners involved and motivated. To learn Leadership you need to learn its opposite. There are hundreds of courses out in the market place on Leadership and most of them cover the basics well. Most Leadership training, in telling you what it is, contrast the concept of Leadership with Management. We have discovered you can not learn Leadership without first understanding its opposite – Drama. Management is not the opposite of Leadership; but Drama is.


• To make a choice about leadership
• To learn the communication and influencing skills necessary to lead effectively
• To create a transformation in your own leadership development
• Create authentic trust with team members
• Improvements in working relationships and performance
• Improvements in the quality of both working life and family life

Time Frames

Leadership is a Choice® is delivered in 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 consecutive days.