Date:February 06, 2013

Foundation of Trust

Building successful relationships requires trust. Without trust, every task takes longer and negatively impacts organizational results. Through this experiential program, participants learn the essential ingredients for creating trust and a proven approach for rebuilding trust when it has been broken. The level of trust in any business relationship, whether internal to the organization or external is directly correlated to success.

We provide proven conceptual frameworks to intelligently assess and improve trust in all of your relationships. Often a crisis is needed for a team to address the level of trust it has with each other and with its customers.  We make sure you are proactive in building your level of trust to make sure crisis’s are avoided. Through our Foundation of Trust™ learning process your group develops advanced knowledge about how to develop their trust in relationship to one another as a team, without the need of a crisis. As the result, team members who attend this process develop a deep sense of fellowship and personal accountability. In this training we show that trust starts with yourself.  Researchers have established through empirical studies that organizations with higher levels of trust out-perform those that have low trust. A high trust team or organization enjoys from two to five times the productivity of a low trust team or organization. No team, individual or organization can survive for very long if they have created a culture of low trust.


•  Easy to apply with practical insights
•  Applying our circle of trust map
•  A structured model for building trust with anyone
•  Recreating trust with people who are skeptical
•  Increased level of trust for you and your team.
•  Improved collaboration
•  Stronger partnering
•  Better relationships
•  Heightened loyalty
•  Faster recovery times from breakdowns

Time Frames

Foundation of Trust is delivered in 1.0 day.